Selka Group of Companies was founded in 1976 in Eskişehir. From its foundation until today, it has been carrying on its commercial activities in a broad range varying from construction to ready-made concrete; from mining to prefabricated units; from petroleum sector to information sector.

In our group of companies, which the main philosophy of it is to produce and to create jobs, it is our most important goal to create and support the conditions that will enable qualified individuals to be involved in the society and to support them. In this direction, Selka Group determines successful students and provides scholarships to them as well as to the children of its employees which are students. We also have support for student groups which will participate in project-based competitions in various branches.

In this context, we have brought the Selka Eskişehir Handball Sports Club to our country in order to crown our 40th anniversary, our pioneering role in our region in the commercial field and the spirit of struggle which is the main motivation of our companies.

In addition to our sportive success, in the direction of the founding philosophy of our organization, we consider as our most important duty to contribute positively to our country's sport, to provide our youth with a fair play and fighting spirit, and to contribute to their education for being qualified individuals.

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