As the Selka Group Family, we consider as our duty;
To be a leading, respectable, reliable company in the sectors we are involved in,
To create loyal customers by providing products and services over expectations,
To adopt innovative, efficient, dynamic and participatory management principles,
As a pioneer of quality, service and technological developments, to provide creative solutions to our clients,
To provide the continuity of the good relationships with our customers,

To comply with legal regulations, fulfill our responsibilities by following legislative amendments and sectoral developments,
To make the necessary effort to provide a clean and safe environment for our society and our employees,
To provide the team spirit and group cooperation by improving mutual trust, understanding and communication among the employees,
To ensure all kinds of security of the our employees, our temporary suppliers, and all our visitors within the limits of our establishment,
To inform our employees about Occupational Health & Safety and their legal rights and responsibilities continuously,
To act in accordance with the Occupational Health & Safety Guidelines in all projects that will be carried out by us,
To make continuous developments and improvements in our system,
To act in social responsibility awareness with our all stakeholders.

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