As the Selka Group Family;

The quality of life, the level of prosperity, the economic competitiveness, the continuity of employment and ecosystem depend on "the common natural capital".
To prevent wastage by protecting natural resources and environment in technology selection, in construction and operation of facilities, in the use of raw materials and energy,

To reduce waste to the lowest level and to promote recycling in order to prevent contamination,
To provide a clean and safe environment for our society and our employees,
To comply with local, national and international rules and laws and to cooperate with official organizations,
To ensure the continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System by observing our environmental goals and targets every year,
To attach importance to education and activities that encourage the protection of environment and human health,
In our company, which is one of the leading companies involved in the sector, we guarantee that all support will be provided for the fulfillment of the abovementioned issues and the necessary resources will be allocated and that the applicable environmental legislation and administrative regulations will be respected.

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