The brand Selka represent a group of companies supported by a large and growing ecosystem, hosting the best brands of Turkey.

40 years of experience and adapting to the requirements of today's rapidly changing technology have made The Group of Companies Selka one of the most powerful, balanced and ambitious companies. Since our inception until today with continous growth , to meet the needs of the region and our customers being the most important motivation was our goal. The most important success is to win the trust and loyalty of our customers and more importantly to maintain the trust and loyalty.

While Group Selka continued to grow, the time was an important indicator of our success and skill increasing day by day. Our companies took place among the companies in their respective industries proving themselves to areas of activity. Our vision and values provided us to create a structure meeting perfectly the needs of our customers and offering the highest quality solutions.

With the encouragement and confidence received our achievements, thanks to relationships long-time with our customer international, we aim to achieve greater success in the future. İn accordance with principles , we will continue to improve ourselves by taking determined big steps.

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